SiteLock Launches TrueCode to Help SMBs Detect Application Vulnerabilities

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Website security provider SiteLock launched a new cloud-based service on Wednesday that helps companies automatically detect vulnerabilities in applications. Designed for use by small and mid-sized companies, TrueCode conducts Static Application Security Testing before or after apps are put into production.

According to SiteLock, application development security testing has typically been out of reach for SMBs because of its high price tag and the technical know-how required. With TrueCode, SiteLock’s expert services team can help address the application vulnerabilities.

TrueCode extracts a copy of the application code, and stores it temporarily on SiteLock servers while testing to prevent downtime risk on the client side. TrueCode identifies the problem or potential problem with the code by highlighting the exact line of code that needs to be addressed.

TrueCode can be purchased either as a standalone service or as part of a security package.

According to SiteLock, static application security testing is of particular importance to SMBs because it eliminates the concern of server load for those who host websites in multi-tenant environments.

“At SiteLock, we are continuously looking for the next area of risk exposure for our customers’ online businesses to help protect them,” Neill Feather, president of SiteLock said. “As we have seen the rise of web application development, particularly by using third-party and open-source code, we identified a gap in vulnerability detection that was in great demand across the SMB market. There are so few tools and services designed for them at an affordable price and at SiteLock, we want to break that mold. We believe that security should be available to every online business and the introduction of TrueCode is another step toward that goal.”

A report released last year found that web application attacks are the most common threat to cloud customer environments, impacting 52 percent of cloud hosting provider environments.

SiteLock’s new service comes a couple of months after it announced a partnership with GoDaddy where it would provide security solutions for GoDaddy’s customer websites.


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  1. DoktorThomas™

    Finding vulnerabilities (and delivering their remedy) is entirely the responsibility of the software provider. No small business should waste their time on this. Software coders and vendors beware! You are liable for your errors and poor coding.