SiteGround Revamps Brand, Website, Hosting Plans for “Handcraft” Approach

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Web hosting provider SiteGround announced on Wednesday it has revamped its brand identity and launched a complete redesign of its website, company logo, and hosting plans structure in line with the new brand concept.

The move comes a few months after SiteGround launched what it calls a more “aggressive affiliate hosting program” in an effort to provide more competitive commission rates.

The newly redesigned brand is intended to communicate SiteGround’s “high-quality, superior service” as a result of its “handcraft” approach to hosting as an alternative to the “mass-production” that many web hosts to practice.

“SiteGround has a unique approach to web hosting. In an industry where most providers use standard, ready-made solutions, we create our own systems to make customers’ websites faster and safer,” said Lilyana Yakimova, the marketing manager of SiteGround. “To give you just a few examples: we were the first to implement the chroot account isolation, multiple PHP versions, and mem_cached on shared servers! Additionally, our support is famous both for its speed and expertise to solve issues that most other providers would never attend to. However, we were failing to communicate all that through our website. So the aim of the new brand identity is to explain our unique handcraft approach and how it delivers a superior customer experience.”

To illustrate this “handcraft” approach, SiteGround has replaced its old logo with a handwritten one and uses the origami in their website design as a symbol of its craftsmanship.

The company has also posted three short videos which feature paper-made friendly figures who explain all the technologies that differentiate SiteGround service.

In addition to these aesthetic improvements, SiteGround has updated its hosting plan structure.

Instead of offering a one-plan-fits-all shared hosting plan, SiteGround is now offering three plans that target individual needs, ranging from start-up websites to advanced users.

The cloud hosting and the dedicated server offers now includes software solutions developed by SiteGround during the last year, including site speed booster The SuperCacher, a staging tool, WordPress and Joomla auto-updaters, and a CloudFlare CDN implementation.

Last August, SiteGround launched a new user portal for customers with new functionality in its redeveloped My Accounts area.

Are you planning on a brand revamp any time soon? Do you think this new brand identity will help SiteGround achieve greater success and new customers?

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