SingleHop Launches New Program to Bring Enterprise-Class Security to SMBs

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Managed and cloud hosting provider SingleHop announced on Monday that it has launched its Enterprise On Demand Technology Partner Program. The program brings enterprise-class technologies into its proprietary automation platform LEAP, starting with security solutions from initial partners Alert Logic and Radware.

SingleHop said that due to the growing threat of cyberattacks and complexity of security solutions, its partnerships with Alert Logic and Radware will help small and medium-sized enterprises equip themselves with security solutions that are easy to implement and manage.

“We have a long history of leveraging our partners to deliver high quality cloud infrastructure and managed services to our customers around the world. Today, I am very proud to announce a formal program recognizing our outstanding partners, the launch of our Enterprise On Demand Technology Partner Program,” SingleHop CEO Zak Boca said. “Teaming up with category leaders like Alert Logic and Radware in the security space, allows us to provide higher levels of security and compliance to small and medium enterprises around the world, in an efficient, automated way.”

The launch of SingleHop’s Enterprise On Demand Technology Partner Program comes about five months after SingleHop raised $14.8 million with plans to add new services for its SMB customers.

Alert Logic offers security-as-a-service, and a full platform of managed security products and services. Cloud hosting comes with its own set of security challenges, and a recent Alert Logic report found that 44 percent of its customers that use cloud hosting experience web application attacks and brute force attacks.

“While cloud platforms tend to be inherently secure, applications built on top of cloud platforms are not protected by the same security posture and must be secured separately, with tools developed specifically for cloud applications,” Kyle Smith, Sr. Director of Partner Marketing at Alert Logic said. “Alert Logic solutions are built specifically for cloud applications and protect more than 2,800 customers with a unique combination of market-leading security technologies and human expertise to identify and escalate threats. Partnering with SingleHop will enable us to extend our protection to a broader set of customers, including companies that haven’t traditionally been able to afford the same protection as large enterprises.”

Radware offers SingleHop customers DDoS mitigation solution DefensePro, a segment of their Attack Mitigation System security technology portfolio.

“DefensePro and Radware AMS enable cloud and hosting service providers, like SingleHop, to not only protect their critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks but to also defend their customers and key business services which are extended to their hosted client base,” Radware vice president of security solutions Carl Herberger said. “For over ten years, Radware’s security suite was designed with multi-tenanted service providers in mind. For SingleHop, that means turning their Enterprise On Demand, to a secure Enterprise On Demand and allows them to build efficient security businesses and accelerate their ROI.”

Elsewhere on the security-side, SingleHop introduced multi-factor authentication to its LEAP portal in March.

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