SingleHop Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary in Chicago

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SingleHop recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding by hosting a concert in December for 1,000 Chicago-area technologists, featuring platinum-selling band Cage the Elephant.

Based in Chicago, SingleHop was founded by Dan Ushman and Zak Boca in 2006.

“SingleHop started with the idea that automation can make IT better. That little idea morphed into the industry’s first fully automated bare metal platform, and now has been expanded to give more than 5,500 organizations around the world total control over their infrastructure and managed services,” wrote Dan Ushman, who co-founded the company with Zak Boca in Chicago in 2006, in a blog post.

Ushman called Chicago’s tech community “growing and dynamic,” and said the city has built a vibrant and supportive environment for businesses to thrive.

SingleHop placed number 4953 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 with three-year revenue growth of 42 percent, the seventh consecutive year it has made the list.

In December, SingleHop revamped its status page to make it more transparent.

“We rebuilt the entire backend system and website from the ground up to provide more details and faster updates than ever before. We understand that different methods of communicating to our customers is important, which is why we now offer a variety of ways to stay informed — email, SMS, Twitter, and coming soon, webhooks,” SingleHop said. “In regards to transparency, we want to make sure customers are able to see how we are operating as a business and what we are doing to support them, which is why we are expanding upon the key metrics that existed on the old platform, as well as adding new ones like API response time, phone system hold time, and many more.”

Below is a timeline of 10 years at SingleHop:


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