ServInt Upgrades VPS Platform with SolidFire

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ServInt announced last week that it is now offering SolidFire SSD VPS through a partnership with SolidFire, offering IOPS guarantees for small business virtualization customers.

ServInt’s decade-old VPS platform has been completely redesigned for SolidFire SSD VPS to maximize speed and allow resource transparency, as well as offer performance guarantees at every level. The platform uses massive SSD storage arrays and SolidFire flash architecture, which enables performance guarantees including disk speed, according to the announcement.

“SolidFire’s IOPS QoS technology is absolutely state of the art, and we’re proud to be the only host bringing it to the small-business market,” ServInt CEO and founder Reed Caldwell said. “Just as important, however, is the way we did it. We literally started from the ground up, building a completely new datacenter; new 10GigE network and 10GigE storage network, both with 2N redundancy; full integration of Parallels’ new PCS virtualization system; a custom tool set to allow seamless, instantaneous client provisioning and migration; and much more.”

The companies believe that disk-resource contention is the last major cause of site slow-downs for virtualized hosting customers on the server end, and that guaranteed minimum sustained IOPS eliminates this problem.

They also claim true cloud scalability in the form of near instantaneous server upgrades and downgrades, massive redundancy, and “extremely rapid site recovery” as advantages of the platform, along with speed and reliability.

SolidFire has been on a role as SSD popularity grows, with a number of new customers recently announced.

ServInt continues to compete for the small business market after making a number of product and customer support announcements in 2013, including 100 percent cPanel  certification for customer-facing staff.

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