Security Firm eleven Reports Phishing Email Increase in December and January

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Email security provider eleven announced on Wednesday that it has seen explosive growth of phishing email in December and January. According to the report, phishing email’s share surged by 194 percent in December, and by a further 214 percent in January.

In December, overall spam levels declined by 70.3 percent and experienced a slight increase of 9.7 percent in January. This put spam volumes at the lowest rate since early 2007.

eleven says the decline in spam levels is attributed to the widespread absence of casino spam waves which accounted for 69.1 percent of all spam email in November 2011, it only accounted for 7.5 percent by January.

There was a considerable amount of regionalized phishing campaigns in December and January, eleven says, written in good German (where eleven is based) which claimed to come from banks. These emails had a better success rate since a German user would be inclined to trust a local financial institution.

In addition to emails purporting to be sent from banks, phishing campaign topics included Amazon or Facebook, asking users to enter credit card information to retrieve blocked accounts.

Malware volumes increased by 8 percent in January 2012. China was the largest sender of known malware, followed by Bangladesh. Germany is one of the major sources of malware emails. The US came in second in terms of virus outbreaks.

The majority of spam comes from India with 11.7 percent in January, followed by Indonesia and Russia.

Spam’s overall share of total email volume declined to 75.1 percent in January 2012 while in November 2011, 90.2 percent of all email was spam.

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