Report: SaaS Dominates Cloud Usage in India

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Cloud adoption is rapidly increasing in India, as roughly two-thirds of organizations using cloud services have done so within the past two years, according to research released this week by the Cloud Security Alliance and Security-as-a-Service provider Instasafe Technologies. The organizations presented the State of Cloud Adoption & Security in India study at the 4th annual Cloud Security Alliance APAC Congress in Bangalore.

The report includes responses from over 200 CIOs in India, 62 percent of whom said their organizations already use cloud services.

SaaS is used by over 88 percent of respondents’ organizations, making it the most common type of cloud service adopted so far, ahead of IaaS (55 percent) and PaaS (45 percent). Among the 38 percent who have not adopted cloud services, almost three-quarters are considered potential users, and are in the exploratory phase.

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Adoption seems to be a headlong rush for many organizations, with one-quarter reporting the use of 10 or more cloud applications, and another third using between 5 and 10 cloud applications.

Key barriers in the region include a lack of industry standards, and of course, perceived risks of data loss and security breaches. Cost effectiveness was actually tied with the lack of industry standards as the most commonly identified barrier, but the study authors seem to consider it primarily an awareness issue.

The Digital India program, announced in 2015, is intended to address infrastructure challenges, the study says, providing reason for optimism that cloud services will continue to boom in India.

India’s telecom authority blocked Facebook’s controversial Free Basics service from the country early this year, choosing not to trade zero-rating for faster internet penetration. GoDaddy added services in three languages to serve the growing Indian market this summer. EDC predicted a year ago that India will be country with the most developers in the world in 2018.

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