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Report Finds Room for Improvement in Cloud Usage and Cost Tracking Tools

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Cloud usage and cost metrics are more highly valued by IT professionals the more advanced their cloud deployments are, according to a new survey released by Cloud Cruiser. The “Managing the Business of Cloud” survey shows a disconnect between the value of cloud tracking and its effective use by companies with maturing adoption and deployment.

Dimensional Research surveyed 279 IT professionals for Cloud Cruiser at Microsoft Ignite 2015 Chicago in May. It found that 92 percent of those surveyed have at least some cloud adoption plans, with most motivated by cost reduction (25 percent), improving IT efficiency (25 percent), optimizing IT services to speed innovation (18 percent), and improving capacity management (15 percent).

While all of these aspects could benefit from cloud usage and cost tracking in theory, 45 percent of IT professionals using the cloud consider their tracking “very good” or “excellent,” while 27 percent call their tracking “horrible” or “poor.”

Companies generally recognize the potential value that cloud tracking could bring to their organization, with 72 percent considering it “very” or “extremely important.” Not only do six percent say such services are “unimportant” or even “somewhat important,” but the importance placed on tracking ramps up dramatically with cloud experience.

Over 70 percent of those with “advanced” cloud adoption consider tracking metrics “very” or “extremely important,” while none at all said they were “unimportant” or “somewhat important.” In contrast, ten percent of those at the evaluation stage of adoption said tracking was “unimportant” or “somewhat important,” begging the question of what those companies plan to base their evaluations on.

“This latest survey is representative of what we are seeing in the market with our partners and enterprise customers,” Deirdre Mahon, chief marketing officer, Cloud Cruiser said in a statement. “Once an organization gets serious about cloud, they quickly hit a wall in terms of tracking usage and gaining full control on forecasts – essentially delivering services with efficiency and agility. Cloud Cruiser addresses that pain across the broadest range of cloud services today.”

Interestingly, over half of those in each category of adoption, including those with no plans to adopt cloud, say tracking is “very” or “extremely important.”

Improved forecasting is seen as the biggest benefit of tracking by 57 percent of respondents, ahead of the 39 percent for vendor and platform comparisons.

The survey also confirmed the findings of prior surveys that hybrid approaches are favored by the majority of businesses (53 percent), and that cloud adoption is progressing quickly, with over a third of companies operating at least a quarter of all IT services in the cloud.

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