Rebel Networks Develops Control Panel for SMBs to Buy, Manage Cloud Services

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Cloud hosting company Rebel Networks announced on Monday it has developed Business Cloud Box, which will enable small businesses to manage all their cloud products into a seamless single control panel.

A cloud management solution is a useful tool for both end users and cloud service providers. End users can aggregate various cloud applications, enabling them to easily purchase and manage these cloud services. Cloud service providers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to sell to a built-in marketplace of SMBs.

Ultimately, cloud management solution enables small and medium businesses to enter into the cloud space with custom tailored solutions.

Both RightScale, which recently partnered with Equinix, and ScienceLogic have also developed comparable solutions and are currently partnering with cloud application providers to integrate their offering into the portal.

And while Rebel Networks says it has been working on the portal for some time and will soon launch the solution, it would be interesting to know whether cloud service providers will have to individually integrate their services to work with Business Cloud Box, or if Rebel Networks will provide their own integration through partnerships.

“Rebel Networks can take numerous cloud services and bundle and unbundle them as per customer requirements,” said Domenic Macchione, president and CEO. “Imagine customers today trying to manage all sorts of cloud services such as email, web portals, BlackBerry, mobile apps, storage, etc. from multiple vendors with multiple passwords and logins. Now Business Cloud Box can seamlessly integrate these cloud services into a single control panel and the customer can select which components they need and create custom bundles of services to match their requirements.”

As a subsidiary of American Diversified Holdings, Toronto-based Rebel Network provides a range of services including cloud hosting, managed dedicated servers, colocation services, domain names services, reseller hosting and shared web hosting, storage, ecommerce, and security solutions.

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