ReadySpace Taps Bulletin for Application-to-Mobile Text Messaging Suite

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Customers of Singapore-based web hosting provider ReadySpace can now use the cloud-based mobile messaging suite from Bulletin through an integration with Parallels Automation.

Bulletin offers application-to-mobile text messaging which enables the 2-way delivery of text messages between computer or web applications and mobile phones or devices.

Organizations can use SMS messaging in a variety of ways, including to send customers special offers, or send automatic server alerts to IT teams. With the threaded conversation feature, users can keep track of multiple conversations with customers, and Bulletin integrates with email platforms including Microsoft Exchange and Gmail so SMS messages can be sent directly from an email.

“Most service providers and hosting companies are unprepared to take advantage of the A2P messaging trend because they are unable to provide their business customers with an easy-to-use, feature-rich, cross-platform messaging service,” Bruce Herbert, president of Bulletin said. “ReadySpace is now able to roll out Bulletin’s SMS messaging service and immediately begin generating revenue from the most profitable segment in the mobile industry.”

Bulletin can be white-labeled, and is fully cloud-enabled, designed for carriers, ISPs, MSPs or hosting providers to resell to customers to grow messaging revenue.

“Application-to-mobile messaging will shape the future of the mobile enterprise. We are excited to see the continuing evolution and deployment of business applications that will further enhance the business experience for increasingly mobile customers,” Pavel Ershov, Vice President, Service Provider Business, Asia Pacific at Parallels. “Parallels Automation is a key enabling platform that helps push new boundaries and possibilities for the mobile enterprise, and it is great to be a part of partnership with this new growth area.”

Recently, Parallels gave the WHIR a preview of what to expect at its Parallels Summit partner event next week in New Orleans, where it is expected to announce new features and partnerships.

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