Rackspace Updates Public Cloud Servers for Speedy Application Performance

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Rackspace announced on Tuesday the launch of its redesigned public cloud that offers better application performance through new Performance Cloud Servers.

Compared to existing cloud servers, Rackspace said its new servers offer 4x more total RAM, 2x more total CPU performance, and 132x more total disk I/O, and are specifically designed to work with Cloud Block Storage.

Powered by OpenStack, performance Cloud Servers are designed with RAID 10-protected solid state disks, Intel Xeon E5 processors, up to 120 GB of RAM and 40 Gigabits per second of network throughput, according to the announcement.

Customers can connect the new servers to dedicated bare metal servers as part of a hybrid cloud. As Gartner expects half of large enterprises to deploy hybrid cloud by 2017, this capability will become increasingly important. Sixty-nine percent of data center traffic by 2017 will be cloud traffic, brought on by adoption of cloud applications, services and infrastructure.

“In today’s world of instant demand, applications must be capable of scaling fast, and performing at scale without compromise. As a cloud provider, our role is to enable that without customers having to over-provision and constantly re-architect their applications,” Rick Jackson, chief marketing officer at Rackspace said. “Our mission is to provide our customers with the best-fit infrastructure to optimize the performance of their applications, and today we are redefining the benchmark for performance in a public cloud offering as part of our hybrid cloud portfolio.”

Performance Cloud Servers are available in the Rackspace Northern Virginia region, and availability will follow in the Dallas, Chicago and London regions later in November. Next year Sydney and Hong Kong regions will be added.

Recently, Rackspace extended its OpenStack hybrid cloud to its data center in Hong Kong.

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