Rackspace Private Cloud Software Alamo Enhanced With Remote Support

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Cloud hosting provider Rackspace announced on Thursday that it has upgraded the Rackspace private cloud software Alamo, adding new features and extending the services around the software with a new support level known as Core Software Support.

Rackspace says Core Software Support for Alamo includes 24-hour remote access support for the private cloud software. Rackspace engineers will remotely log into on-premise customer clouds built on Alamo to perform installation, configuration, patching and troubleshooting.

The news is one of several private cloud software enhancements for Rackspace in recent weeks. Last week, the hosted Rackspace private cloud product gained new integration with the Rightscale cloud management software.

Alamo, the OpenStack-powered Rackspace private cloud hosting software launched in August. Since the launch, says Rackspace, the software has been downloaded by “thousands of organizations.” It doesn’t specify how many are running private cloud environments in production on the tool, or how many of those private clouds are Rackspace-supported.

While Rackspace has been a big part of developing OpenStack since it first contributed its cloud computing code to the project, OpenStack has always been more than a Rackspace project, involving companies like NASA and Dell from the outset. For Rackspace, part of the objective has always been the promotion of an alternative cloud standard to the Amazon Web Services platform. If the platform is popular, Rackspace’s model has always been to compete on the quality of its support.

The Rackspace private cloud tool obviously helps by putting OpenStack on-premise in enterprise environments. With the new release, it adds an interesting angle to that support, making it possible for Rackspace to deliver its support to customers who aren’t necessarily hosting anything on its servers.

On top of the opportunity to support, the Rackspace private cloud software may offer enterprises a stepping stone toward trusting cloud environments to handle critical workloads, says the company.

“The goal of the Rackspace private cloud software is to provide customers with a fast and easy way to deploy a free OpenStack-powered private cloud anywhere in the world,” says Mike Aeschliman, head of engineering and product for Rackspace private cloud, quoted in the press release. “With the new release, we can now offer fanatical support to customers’ cloud software using our remote access tools. This is a huge step in our mission to enable organizations to start realizing the benefits of clouds and trust them for mission-critical workloads.”

Aside from the support, new features included in the new release of the Rackspace private cloud software include block storage based on OpenStack Cinder, object storage based on OpenStack Swift and the inclusion of Graphite and Collectd applications that add monitoring and alerting capabilities.

The Rackspace private cloud software is available as a free download from the company’s website.

Talk back: Is Alamo an interesting addition to the Rackspace private cloud strategy? Do you offer any services based on OpenStack? What do you think of the likelihood that a customer using Alamo to build on-premise private clouds could extend via your cloud services? Let us know in the comments?

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