Rackspace Green Survey Shows Customers Value Green Web Hosting Over Cost

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Web hosting and cloud hosting company Rackspace announced on Friday it has released the results from its 2012 Rackspace Green Survey, which shows how more organizations around the world are factoring in sustainability into their web hosting selection and purchasing processes.

The report provides an interesting insight into the purchasing processes of web hosting customers, as well as validates the use of ecologically-friendly technology and practices.

This is an opportunity for web hosting companies to adopt more green technologies and practices and market themselves accordingly to attract more customers.

Environmental organization Greenpeace recently published its “How green is your cloud” report, which gave Amazon a failing grade for its lack of clean energy and not being transparent enough about the details of its cloud infrastructure.

Rackspace randomly selected 2,000 customers, of which 232 responded. This year, customers from 24 countries responded to the survey including participants from the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil.

The importance of sustainability versus cost was seen as a strong criteria by customers in the United States as well as the other 23 countries, with 72 percent of US respondents and 80 percent of international respondents saying that “greener is better.”

Rackspace’s findings signal an increasingly established trend to embrace and include sustainability practices within the purchasing process.

When it comes to influencing purchasing decisions, 72 percent of the US respondents said they believe sustainability is important in selecting a service provider as well as influencing a purchasing decision.

In the rest of the world, 91 percent of respondents said they build sustainability into their purchasing decisions on either a periodic or standard basis.

The results showed that countries outside the US seem to put a greater emphasis on weighting sustainability as part of purchasing decisions.

“Looking at this year’s results, we are seeing a clear correlation between service provider selection including a sustainability factor and the weight sustainability has in the purchasing decision,” said Melissa Gray, Rackspace director of sustainability. “We see sustainability expanding from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have,’ as companies understand that selecting solid partners as part of their supply chain translates into lower risk, more efficiency and more reward. Rackspace views sustainability in a very holistic manner: that decisions should factor benefit to people, pocket and planet. We were happy to see that many of our customers also view it this way, with more than 53 percent of respondents echoing this holistic view.”

The full results of Rackspace’s latest Green Survey can be viewed on Rackspace’s website.

Rackspace’s GreenSpace hosting initiative recently partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partners, the Green Chamber of Commerce, and Yellow Pages Goes Green, in an effort to further advance its environmental sustainability agenda.

Talk Back: Are you currently providing green hosting, whether it’s in the form of renewable energy or purchasing carbon offsets? Do you find that these green hosting technologies and practices have helped win new customers? Let us know in the comments.

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