Rackspace Among Cloud Companies on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” List

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Rackspace is the 29th best company in the US to work for, according to the 2014 Fortune “Best Companies to Work For” list, which was released this week.

Rackspace has cemented its reputation as a good employer by rising five spot from last year’s ranking as the 34th best company to work for on a list it consistently makes. Rackspace has also won praise as an employer in the UK.

Any company over 5 years old with over 1,000 employees is eligible to apply for the list. Other companies related to hosting and cloud services on the list include salesforce.com (which ranked 7th), NetApp (33rd), Cisco (55th), Microsoft (86th), Intel (84th), and was topped by Google in first place.

Rackspace credits its focus on “Fanatical Support,” which emphasizes people and relationships, with making it a great place to work. Rackspace said it searches for employees with positive attitudes and willingness to grow and learn in order to offer that support, and delivering it means taking advantage of that willingness with ample training opportunity.

“Rackers make our company great and we are thrilled that Fanatical Support ® and employee engagement got us here once again.” said Lanham Napier, CEO of Rackspace. “Fanatical Support reflects the passion, commitment and talent our employees bring to delivering a service that enables our customers to have great business outcomes.”

Employees of Rackspace consider the company to have great pride, great atmosphere, great communications and great challenges, and appreciate the startup atmosphere and adherence to its core values, according to a statement by Rackspace.

The “Fanatical Support” program was extended to developers in 2013.

Rackspace currently has over 150 positions open, some of which are in the US.

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