Rackspace Adds More SSD Storage Nodes to Deal with Availability Issues in Chicago and Dallas

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Rackspace is adding more capacity to meet demand for its Cloud Block storage in Dallas and Chicago after customers experienced intermittent availability this month due to volume.

According to a report by InformationWeek, the problem occurred with customers looking to spin up large volumes of SSDs for Rackspace Cloud Block storage.

As a workaround, Rackspace suggested customers use SATA disks temporarily, assuring them that they can use volume cloning to migrate back to SSD from SATA once the additional SSD storage nodes are brought online.

A post on Rackspace’s system status dashboard on Wednesday said that customers in Chicago are still continuing to experience intermittent availability, but that its engineers are aiming to bring additional storage capacity online on June 6.

On Thursday, Rackspace brought its additional capacity at its Dallas data center online.

Rackspace launched its OpenStack-based Cloud Block Storage service in 2012 to provide more consistent and reliable performance for file systems, databases or other IO intensive applications.

SSD storage has become more popular over the past couple of years as the costs of SSD have lowered significantly, and web hosts and cloud providers have partnered with companies like SolidFire to offer SSD-based block storage to their customers.

Rackspace will have to smooth out these cloud storage issues as it begins to evaluate its M&A options with the help of Morgan Stanley.

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