Rackspace acquired Exceptional Cloud Service on Thursday, adding an error and event reporting service and Redis as a service to its developer portfolio

Rackspace Adds Redis as a Service with Exceptional Cloud Services Acquisition


Cloud hosting provider Rackspace announced on Thursday that it has acquired Exceptional Cloud Services, a San Francisco-based provider of an error and event reporting service and Redis as a service.

The strategic move is the latest acquisition focused on adding to the breadth of tools Rackspace offers developers, closely following its acquisition of MongoDB as a service provider ObjectRocket.

The core business of Exceptional Cloud Services is its error and event reporting service – Exceptional.io and Airbrake.io, respectively – where it provides a custom agent that sits within customers’ applications, and when something goes wrong, collects a rich report about that event for the customer who can then direct it to the right person to solve.

“Our business has been growing and part of that reflects a trend in the way software is being developed,” Jonathan Siegel, CEO of Exceptional Cloud Services tells the WHIR. “What we found is that in this generation of web applications there has been an advantage to being able to out maneuver your competitors, to be able to be responsive to your customer demands and to do that that means you need to iterate your software quickly.”

“There’s a whole collection of changes organizationally that are being made. People are using agile techniques like iterative releases, they are using dynamic languages instead of static languages, and they are also relying on third parties more than ever before,” Siegel says. “All together those dynamic choices mean that application code will be put into production more often and it will be suffering from less testing. Our increase in business, we believe, is tied to a greater change in the way that software is being developed.”

The second part of its business, Redis To Go, is an in-memory, NoSQL database-as-a-service that is “blazingly fast,” Siegel says. Redis is replacing Memcache at large, and adds a lot of specification and more complex data storage, he says. It is also often paired with MongoDB as a high-speed database option.

“We see a great fit within Rackspace because Rackspace currently offers a SQL product, they now offer a Mongo, and with the addition of Redis-to-go, they are offering an in-memory product which really completes the general set of needs of developing modern applications,” Siegel says.

Rackspace says the Exceptional Cloud Services acquisition complements its recent ObjectRocket buy for a few reasons.

“The ObjectRocket team had a Redis service on their roadmap, and this will allow them to speed up their delivery there,” Bret Piatt, Rackspace director of corporate strategy and development says.  “It will also allow customers that want to use both Redis and Mongo together to consume both of those as a service instead of having to launch a VM and install Redis manually, which is maybe what they would have done before.”

“We feel like there is a great opportunity for us to work with Rackspace and what they already offer to work with our product and our install base to create this consolidated view that not just collates all of the different data sources that affect a product quality, but also correlates them, and by doing that we might be able to do things that are much greater as a whole than they are individually,” Siegel says.

As part of the acquisition, Siegel will still act as CEO of the Exceptional team, but the team will move into Rackspace’s San Francisco office.

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