Outside of .ORG’s core markets, North America and Europe, .ORG has seen strong growth in APAC over the past two years

Public Interest Registry Targets International Markets for .org Growth

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New .org registrations increased by 11.9 percent in the second half of 2012, according to a new report from the non-profit operator of the .org domain, Public Interest Registry.

The bi-annual domain name report, called The Dashboard, was released on Wednesday, and explores the growth of .org from July to December 2012.

According to The Dashboard, the number of .org domains under registration grew by 2.3 percent in 2012, growing 1.1 percent from July to December. .org’s domain under registration has more than doubled during the past seven years, increasing from 3.9 million in 2005 to more than 10.1 million in 2012. Back in 2011, the Public Interest Registry hit the 9 million .org registrations mark.

In 2012, 416, 301 .org domain names were added under management in 2012, averaging to 34,691 total domains under management per month, according to the report.

Outside of .org’s core markets, North America and Europe, .org has seen strong growth in APAC over the past two years. According to the report, newly created .org domains in APAC grew by 47 percent between 2010 and 2012. Latin America grew by 25 percent and Africa by 23 percent, respectively. The top five international markets for .org registrants by country include the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and France.

Public Interest Registry also saw notable interest from the Indian market last year, which it attributes to its consumer campaigns which combined television commercials and an “aggressive” digital campaign. In the report, PIR says that it will “embark on a new initiative in the coming year to market more directly [its] international communities.”

“Based on our successful efforts in India – which is now the 11th largest market for .ORG and expected to break into our top 10 list by the next release of the Dashboard, we believe that promoting .org tactfully and purposefully will encourage other countries to also realize the potential rate of growth that they could assume with .org,” PIR says.

Ahead of the launch of .ngo and .ong, the Public Interest Registry says that it has devoted resources to develop four internationalized domains that translate into the concept surrounding a “structured organization” in Devanagari, Cyrillic and simplified Chinese scripts. The plans are in line with what ICANN is planning for the new TLD rollout, which will begin with Chinese and non-English domain extensions in mid-2013.

“Public Interest Registry feels very excited and optimistic about our proposed .ngo and .ong offerings, and we are working hard towards making these a reality in 2014,” PIR says.

Last year, Public Interest Registry CEO Brian Cute talked to the WHIR about its partnership with eNom and Go Daddy to auction off short, one to two character .ORG domains.

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