Poor Website Performance Influences Online Purchasing Decisions: PEER 1 Study

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US online shoppers have little tolerance for poor navigation, slow website load times, and interruptions and timeouts, with 65 percent ditching an online shopping cart after experiencing these issues, according to a new study by PEER 1 Hosting.

The survey of 1,377 US online shoppers showed that 52 percent of shoppers that experience website performance issues tarnishes the brands reputation in their mind.

Ease of use, security, and clear web images are all top priorities for online shoppers, with 88 percent of shoppers citing ease of use as the most important factor.

Shoppers have come to expect degraded performance from websites on high traffic periods like Black Friday, and a third of shoppers avoid shopping online altogether during these periods. Recently, PEER 1’s head of retail Roland Breadner talked to the WHIR about ways web hosting companies can keep their ecommerce customers online during peak traffic periods. 

“This research clearly shows that e-retailers need to get the basics of website performance right in order to maximize online sales during the holiday season,” Robert Miggins, SVP business development, Peer 1 Hosting said. “An optimized website and proper load testing are crucial to ensure that online retailers are able to deliver availability and reliability online and capitalize on high traffic levels. Ultimately, by enabling a high quality website experience for customers, from the ground up, online retailers will ensure that they preserve their brand, stay competitive and drive sales during the holiday season.”

More than one quarter of respondents say that they plan to spend a larger portion of their overall shopping budget with online retailers than they did last year, with 45 percent of their shopping planned for online.

Recently, Rackspace found that complicated check-out procedures and slow-loading websites were the top causes of online shopping cart abandonment.

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