Polish web hosting provider NetArt will offer its customer base of 500,000 users the Open-Xchange email service

Polish Web Host NetArt Offers Open-Xchange Email to 500,000 Customers

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Email provider Open-Xchange announced on Thursday that its email and collaboration suite is being offered to customers of Polish web hosting provider NetArt.

This agreement will deliver Open-Xchange’s communication and collaboration tools to more than 500,000 users. According to its website, NetArt has a 30 percent market share of commercial Internet services in Poland.

This is not the first time Open-Xchange has partnered with a Polish web hosting provider. In November 2010, Open-Xchange announced that two Polish web hosts, SuperHost and uti, would deliver its email and groupware solution to their customers.

Open-Xchange’s customer win comes as a recent report, released by German email security firm eleven, finds 95.2 percent of German IT decision-makers believe that email will play a long-term role in business communication.

Open-Xchange says the cloud-based email, calendar and contact management solution will be available to NetArt customers through its service, nazwa.pl, for no additional charge. NetArt has deployed the Open-Xchange in-application upsell mechanism so customers will be able to upgrade to premium features like advanced sharing and document management functions.

“Poland is a fast-growing market with thousands of small businesses seeking to leverage the benefits of cloud applications,” Piotr Zembura, member of the board and development director of NetArt said in a statement. “As email, calendars and address management are key for our customers, Open-Xchange is the right starting point for NetArt to further develop our SaaS business.”

At World Hosting Days in March, Open-Xchange CEO Rafael Laguna talked about how web hosts can make money with software-as-a-service. He discussed how Open-Xchange’s upsell trigger feature integrated into the webmail interface helps web hosts make money through targeting the users of the service.

Launched in 2007, Open-Xchange has grown to 42 million users, and has released many new functions including mobile compatibility and social network contact migration.

Talk back: What do you know about the Polish web hosting market? If you are a Polish web host, or a host based elsewhere with a presence in Poland, what kind of demand do you see for hosted email? Let us know in the comments. 

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