Platform Purple Launches Hosted Platform for Video Sales and Subscription

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At a moment when streaming services is replacing DVDs and Blu Ray discs as the primary venue for consuming video, Platform Purple has launched “Purple”, a streaming and downloading platform for online video sales, subscription, rental and syndication that, unlike many other platforms, is open to all content producers, retailers, and affiliates.

In beta prior to Thursday, Purple has delivered 1.4 million digital video products from a growing library of more than 11,000 titles. Many of these titles are from established video content publishers, but the company is hoping to attract video producers across a wide range of categories, enabling them to monetize their work.

Purple founder and COO Michelle van Broekhuizen said in a statement. “Purple is the only enterprise-class video platform that that offers both the scalability, industry-leading quality and reliability the world’s largest publishers and retailers need, but is the best option for independent content creators as well.”

Online delivery allows content owners to bypass the ordeal of DVD or Blu Ray authoring, replication and physical distribution. Video consumers get the convenience of watching videos instantly, and being able to access to their entire video library on one virtual shelf that’s available on any Internet-connected device with Purple’s application installed.

The Purple platform allows for HD, 2K or 4K video, and also bypasses some of the current delivery platforms that may lock users into one platform or be unavailable while traveling or offline. It has DRM-enabled applications for all the major platforms and allows downloading of authorized content.

For this service, Purple changes content publishers a one-time, $99 setup fee, then retains a percentage of each transaction. This percentage is 15 percent for typical transactions, but revenue from content found through Purple’s video discovery platform purple:marketplace is split 50-50.

In addition to Purple’s cut, transaction fees range from 3 to 10 percent of each sale plus flat transaction fees of $0.05 to $0.50 depending on the sale price and currency.

Purple does allow individuals to make content free for customers to download, however, Purple notes in a FAQ that it’s “a distribution system for paid content, not free, so if you want to distribute a lot of free content, vodcasting or YouTube might be better options.”

With the success of online video services like Netflix and Apple’s iTunes store, Purple offers something that will allow content producers to have control over and profit from videos that may not have the hype to get onto Netflix, or adhere to the content restrictions of iTunes and other marketplaces. At the same time, it’s a hosted solution that takes a lot of the complexity out of running an online video store.

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