Pivotal Open Sources Cloud Foundry Training

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Pivotal has developed community training and educational materials for Cloud Foundry, which it has donated to the Cloud Foundry Foundation under the Apache open source licensing model. In a Wednesday announcement the Foundation said that three beginner training courses are now available to encourage both proficiency in using the multi-cloud application platform, and contributions to it.

Based on its container-based architecture which runs apps developed in any language on any cloud, including AWS, Azure, Google Compute Platform, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, and SoftLayer, the announcement calls Cloud Foundry “the world’s only multi-cloud platform,” and the industry-standard platform for global organizations’ mission-critical and IoT apps.

“As Cloud Foundry becomes the defacto standard for deploying multi clouds, the need for skilled engineers becomes increasingly critical,” Sam Ramji, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation said in a statement. “We deeply appreciate Pivotal’s effort in developing the material and generosity in open sourcing it to benefit the community.”

The Cloud Foundry Foundation retired its legacy DEA runtime backend this week and replaced it with Diego, which it says is approaching 250,000 containers in a single cluster. The announcement was made in an interesting blog post about container adoption explaining the near-term importance the Foundation sees for that scale.

VMware and EMC-backed Pivotal open sourced the PaaS to the Cloud Foundry Foundation in 2013. It is now used by Cisco, EMC, HP Enterprise, IBM, Pivotal, SAP, and others. Yahoo Japan choose to run its services on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry earlier this year.

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