Phoenix NAP Adds IaaS Cloud Hosting to Reseller Program

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Data center operator and cloud infrastructure provider Phoenix NAP updated its affiliate program on Monday, offering partners the opportunity to deliver its Secured Cloud enterprise-grade infrastructure as a service offering to their own customers.

The Phoenix NAP partner program had previously offered resellers the tools to deliver the company’s Secured Servers brand dedicated servers. In the press release announcing the move, Phoenix NAP said it wanted to deliver all of its services from under the umbrella of the one brand.

Phoenix NAP completed the acquisition of Secured Servers back in January – a deal that consolidated companies that shared some of the same management interests – saying at the time that it was a move toward providing a more complete set of technology solutions for Phoenix NAP, previously more specifically a provider of data center and colocation type services.

Back in March, Phoenix NAP expanded its cloud services with a European node in Amsterdam.

Phoenix NAP cut the pricing on its cloud services in April, citing customer feedback as one of the key causes for the move.

“We are thrilled to add colocation and Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud to our Phoenix NAP Affiliate Program,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP, quoted in the press release. “Merging all three of our offerings further unites our company and provides our customers with an array of options to meet whatever needs they are looking for.”

Phoenix NAP doesn’t explicitly outline in the press release who it sees as affiliate partners, but the obvious answer would be smaller providers of related technology services such as on-site IT services, who might want to handle the supply of more outsourced services to their clients. It’s more than a little likely that that sort of affiliate already exists for the Secured Servers part of the brand.

On the company’s website, Phoenix NAP describes its affiliate program as having a broad range of options. The company pays out 10 percent recurring monthly commissions, or a flat-rate commission in the case of Secured Servers.

“Each program has something valuable to offer,” says McClarty. “With some of the highest conversion rates, Phoenix NAP Secured Servers boasts low prices and is listed in top directories. Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud is strategically positioned to help capture additional revenue through referrals. Lastly, our unique colocation program is perfect for disaster recovery and online business continuity and can help boost revenue by referring our world-class data center.”

Talk back: Do you operate an affiliate program? Is the breadth of your services a big concern for your affiliates? Do you see an opportunity for your business to work with Phoenix NAP via its affiliate program? Let us know in the comments section.

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