Zunicore has signed nearly 1000 new customers a month since it's launch, including Sorenson Media, pictured

PEER 1’s Public Cloud Division Zunicore Signs 3,700 Customers Since November Launch

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Public cloud provider Zunicore announced on Wednesday that it has registered 3,700 businesses in four months since its official launch in November 2011.

This announcement comes less than a month after Zunicore released a study on small businesses to gain more insight into the relationship that the leaders at UK SMBs have with technology.

Web host PEER 1 launched its public cloud division last year after its research indicated that cloud buyers think differently enough about their purchasing process to merit a separate brand. It found that other cloud providers had complex pricing models and weak customer support, two features it hoped to remedy with Zunicore.

Web hosts have broken off services into separate divisions and even separate brands in order to focus marketing efforts and tailor customer service experiences, and this latest announcement illustrates how this can be a successful model if implemented well. Earlier this year, web hosting provider iWeb completed the separation of its shared hosting brand, Funio. According to a fact page on its website, Funio has more than 16,000 customers in over 100 countries, but most of these may have been carried over from iWeb as it’s unclear how many of these are new customers to Funio.

“We are growing at an unprecedented speed compared to some of our competitors. We launched the service in just 120 days and have very successfully sustained it through free sign-ups and rapid feature releases,” Greg Rusu, general manager of Zunicore said in a statement. “We’re operating in a very competitive space and are constantly innovating to outshine our competitors.”

Aside from video delivery network platform Sorenson Media, the other Zunicore customer named on Zunicore’s website is Render Rocket, a rendering platform for animators. It looks as though Zunicore is trying to emphasize its ability to host resource-heavy applications by featuring these customers on its website.

“With Zunicore we’re not locked into pre-set hardware configurations as with other cloud providers. We can define the most optimal CPU, memory and IO configurations for a given video encode job and even modify these configurations in real-time,” Douglas Cebik, director of business development at Sorenson Media said in a statement. “This allows us to encode videos faster, and more cost effectively, without sacrificing our industry leading video quality.”

Zunicore is currently offering a free 30-day trial on its website.

Talk back: Have you ever considered breaking off a cloud service from your main hosting brand? How successful do you think PEER 1, or others, have been at growing their separate brands? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Nothing but bad experiences with Zunicore. They have even charged me for services I did not order ! After several unanswered emails and phone messages I did a charge-back on my credit card. My initial contact was Richard Rivera. He only picks up the phone for sales -not issues. Support is non-existent. .