PEER 1 Hosting Study Shows Security Concerns Continue to Hinder Cloud Adoption


UK web hosting provider PEER 1 Hosting announced on Tuesday it has released the results of its latest survey which found that the fear of security threats is preventing 92 percent of IT decision makers from adopting the cloud.

The move comes a month after PEER 1 Hosting unveiled its new eco-friendly EMEA headquarters in Southampton, UK, which is part of the company’s regeneration project across its European offices in the UK and France.

The findings are represented in an infographic, shown above, which are based on the results of a survey of 120 IT professionals.

Other key findings include flexibility in the cloud encouraging 89 percent of decision makers to make a purchase, while 71 percent of respondents feel scalability is a key benefit to their business.

However, only 25 percent of respondents trusted the cloud enough to make a full transition, with 78 percent preferring to opt for a hybrid cloud solution.

“The security risks presented by the cloud are the same as those associated with using Gmail, Facebook or Dropbox, yet people still store even their most personal details in these public domains,” said Dominic Monkhouse, MD EMEA and SVP customer experience at PEER 1 Hosting. “In our research we’re seeing that although companies understand the multiple benefits of the cloud, they’re still being put off by security risks. These results show that the industry needs to do more to communicate the fact that enterprise cloud solutions use even more stringent security protocols than consumer software. Our public cloud offering utilises the best security solutions available.”

The survey, carried out at the Cloud Expo trade show in January, showed a high demand for simplified, cost-effective business cloud services.

Fourty-two percent of respondents said they were put off by the cost of migrating to the cloud, with 12.5 percent believing the cloud is a solution to the capex / opex debate.

PEER 1 Hosting recently launched its Tier 3-powered enterprise grade public cloud, which provides security as well as built in disaster recovery and cloud management functions for day-to-day automation.

Talk back: Are you currently offering your customers cloud services? Do you find the results of PEER 1 Hosting study disconcerning? How do you encourage your customers to purchase cloud services? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Bennie Houseman

    I read an article on the web site of Dick Detering that Cloud web hosting is similar to Open Source software. It's simply accessible to too many people and therefore not really secure. Once this security breach is repaired many more web hosts will follow.

  2. We are yet to start providing cloud services and looking for the right partner. Once we are sure that the security issues can be managed we would be in the business.