Parallels Containers Virtualization Now Available for HP Moonshot

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Parallels Containers virtualization solution is now available for HP Moonshot, the company announced on Wednesday.

HP Moonshot servers are designed to meet specific workloads, and the server specialization allows HP to offer high performance and efficiency from low-energy servers. Shared traditional components which deliver networking, management, power, and cooling reduce complexity, energy use, and space, according to HP.

The performance and efficiency of Parallels Containers virtualization will optimize HP Moonshot servers cost-effectively, according to the companies.

“Parallels Containers provides unique capabilities that complement the HP Moonshot system,” John Zanni, chief marketing officer, Service Provider, Parallels said. “Parallels Containers operating system virtualization technology maximizes the customer investment in HP Moonshot server, while simultaneously improving performance.”

“Parallels server virtualization solution for HP Moonshot enables us to provide increased value to our customers by improving workload performance and advancing memory management capabilities,” VP and General Manager of HP Moonshot Paul Santeler said.

Customers running HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridges will be able to get the most out of their infrastructure by deploying multiple high density Parallels Containers on each cartridge. By making use of Parallels Containers memory management capabilities, the companies claim the cartridges will have better overall workload performance than bare metal drives.

Parallels Containers also provides flexibility to service providers to deliver various VPS and cloud server packages.

The new offering will be on display at the upcoming Parallels Summit 2014, which also promises the unveiling of “some new capabilities” with other partners.

Late in 2013 Microsoft validated Parallels Hypervisor under its Server Virtualization Validation Program, as Parallels builds its portfolio of partnerships.

Parallels sees major growth in SMB cloud spending over the next three years, and making its products the natural match for preferred hardware is a sure way of maintaining its share in the lucrative market.

HP hopes its task-specific drives can fend off hardware rivals Dell and IBM, who are rumored to be near a deal which would shake up the server market.

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