PaaS Project Cloud Foundry Adopts Open Governance Model, Adds Partners

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Pivotal, the company behind the open-source Platform-as-a-Service software Cloud Foundry, has announced Cloud Foundry’s new open governance model and foundation with members that include EMC, VMware, IBM, HP, SAP and Rackspace.

“As software continues to disrupt every aspect of business, enterprises want the ability to develop and deploy applications and have the freedom to seamlessly deploy those applications across a wide variety of cloud-based platforms,” Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz said in a statement. “The Cloud Foundry Foundation will bring together industry leaders committed to the growth of the open PaaS movement, working in concert toward the development of an open cloud architecture that will enable a broad, open ecosystem that will allow many to contribute and benefit, creating applications and services that have major impact on business and our everyday lives.”

As others have pointed out, it’s interesting that some of these companies are choosing to cooperate on the Cloud Foundry PaaS project when, for instance, Rackspace has Solum and Red Hat has OpenShift as its data center platform. As one can imagine, this is a major endorsement of Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry itself is PaaS that can be deployed locally to make pool traditional data center hardware in a coordinated cloud that offers efficient computing and storage.

The open-source Cloud Foundry project is a convenient starting point that can be forked by developers who can launch custom “buildpacks” built for specific purposes and to interact with non-standard software. The Cloud Foundry is also planning on being able to bridge local clouds and external ones from multiple providers on a common, multi-cloud architecture.

According to UK tech blog The Register, EMC, VMware, IBM, HP, SAP and Rackspace are each committed to providing the Cloud Foundry foundation $500,000 per year over the next three years. Additionally, “gold” partners which include ActiveState and CenturyLink will contribute $250,000 per year to the foundation.

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