Outsourcing, Hosting and Colocation Event to Explore Service Delivery Models


IT Europa, Angel Business Communications, and Datacentre Alliance announced on Wednesday that they will jointly be hosting the first Outsourcing, Hosting and Colocation conference on May 23 in London at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

The conference is designed to help senior management from web hosting companies and other IT companies explore alternative service delivery models to adapt to the changing hosting landscape in Europe.

News of the conference follows the release of Gartner’s “Regional Differences in the Move Toward the Cloud, 2012?” report, which examines how data centers can mean different things to various groups, depending on the regional market and user.

The European data center outsourcing market totaled $38 billion in 2011, which was $5 billion more than North American revenues. However, Europe’s web hosting and colocation market in 2011 was considerably lower than the North American market, reaching $8.6 billion compared to $23 billion in North America.

The conference will feature a range of presentations that will set out to redefine the roles of outsourcing, hosting and colocation against the backdrop of the adoption of cloud computing both at a public and private level.

Though the details of the agenda has not been released, some of the key issues that will be addressed throughout the summit are how to measure and compare in-house costs versus colocation and hosting, how to interpret and understand the meaning of tier ratings and which is most appropriate for my business, what standards and accreditations to look for and which apply to outsourced data centers, how do I tell which data centers will be most cost effective over the long term what scalability do I need for future growth, how important is geographic location, and what added services and expertise should I look for in an outsourced hosting partner.

“The mass adoption of ‘Cloud based’ services is dramatically changing the way organizations view the role of traditional outsourcing, hosting and colocation services,” said John Chapman, content manager for the Outsourcing, Hosting and Co-Location 2012 event. “The competitiveness that Cloud services have brought to this marketplace has rapidly created a commodity environment for traditional hosted storage and server colocation services as well as newer Infrastructure as a Service type offerings.”

Also running alongside the conference is an exhibition and networking area that will provide more networking opportunities between delegates and sponsors.

The event is held in association with the SNIA Europe Datacentre Technologies Academy at the same venue as the Managed Services Convention 2012, which will be held on May 22.

Registration is currently open for the Outsourcing, Hosting and Colocation conference.

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