Oracle Expands Big Data Solutions with DataRaker Acquisition

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Database software giant Oracle announced on Thursday it will acquire DataRaker, a cloud-based analytics platform for utilities that provides Big Data solutions.

The move comes six months after Oracle acquired network technology provider Xsigo Systems.

With the explosive growth of the Internet which continues to see information being delivered at a rapid pace, IT companies are finding it increasingly difficult to manage large amounts of data.

This has opened up a significant opportunity for hosting companies to partner with database software companies to address these concerns by launching their own Big Data solutions.

Web hosting providers SoftLayer and GoGrid both recently launched Big Data solutions.

Utilities are a likely customer considering the large amounts of data they must analyze. DataRaker provides these companies with a cloud-based analytics platform that enables utilities to use large amounts of data to optimize operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

DataRaker’s solutions enables customers to benefit from smart devices by transforming meter, customer and network data into insights that can vastly improve their organizational performance.

By integrating DataRaker’s cloud-based solutions into its existing portfolio of Big Data solutions, Oracle will be able to provide utilities with a more comprehensive Big Data solution to improve the overall customer performance and experience.

“Big Data created by smart meters and sensors has presented utilities with an enormous opportunity to improve operations and deliver better customer service by acting on the unique insights that can only be found by understanding the massive amounts of data coming from their customers and networks,” said Rodger Smith, SVP and general manager at Oracle Utilities. “With DataRaker, Oracle can provide customers a complete and integrated set of products to further unlock efficiencies and create data insights that maximize business value.”

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