Open Source Collaboration Provider Open-Xchange Launches OX Spreadsheet Tool: 2014

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Open source collaboration software company Open-Xchange released its OX Spreadsheet tool on Tuesday at 2014. The tool will be available as part of cloud-based productivity suite OX documents, and an extension of OX App Suite, a browser-based personal desktop.

OX Spreadsheet allows users to create, share and collaborate on spreadsheet documents. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel, so users can edit Excel documents through open source OX Spreadsheet. While not all functions are supported, OX tried to ensure the main capabilities of Excel were editable from OX Spreadsheet.

Like other Open-Xchange services, OX Spreadsheet works across all devices. It can be white-labeled by ISPs or hosting providers along with the rest of the OX App Suite – which includes OX Text and OX Drive.

Recently, Open-Xchange expanded its suite of tools with the launch of file syncronization and collaboration service OX Drive. It also announced its partnership with Dutch VoIP firm Voiceworks to provide an open source voice chat and instant messaging service.

Open-Xchange is partnering with web hosts, ISPs and telecos to offer its open source collaboration suite, and is exhibiting at in Rust this week.

CEO Rafael Laguna described how Open-Xchange upsells and cross-sells users within the app suite, making it easy for web hosts to increase ARPU.

“The biggest hurdle to cloud application adoption is discovery,” Laguna tells the WHIR. The in-app upsell feature helps “expose things people could be doing” with the service, he says.

Unlike Google’s collaboration tools or tools from Microsoft, with Open-Xchange, web hosts own the customer experience since the service can be white-labeled.

“The first goal is always customer retention,” Laguna says. With Open-Xchange, providers can focus on the three Rs: retention, recirculation, and finally, revenue.

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  1. There are various benefits of OX Spreadsheet. Users can easily edit Excel documents through open source OX Spreadsheet. Thanks for share