Open Container Initiative Adds Members at ContainerCon

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The Open Container Initiative (OCI) welcomed four new member companies this week at ContainerCon in Toronto. Anchore, ContainerShip, EasyStack, and Replicated have joined the OCI in its open source project to create open industry standards relating to container formats and runtime, and have also joined the Linux Foundation.

The OCI was launched a year ago to create the standards necessary for portability between infrastructures and providers, and compatibility of DevOps tools, which allows organizations to commit to container technology. Container interoperability is the focus of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, announced around the same time.

“The rapid growth and interest in container technology over the past few years has led to the emergence of a new ecosystem of startups offering container-based solutions and tools,” said Chris Aniszczyk, Executive Director of the OCI. “We are very excited to welcome these new members as we work to develop standards that will aid container portability.”

Anchore provides container deployment control and governance. ContainerShip offers a hybrid automation platform and continuous delivery system for containers. EasyStack is a Chinese OpenStack provider. Replicated uses containerization to deploy enterprise SaaS versions behind the customer’s firewall.

The OCI is now approaching 50 members, including companies from AWS, Google, and Goldman Sachs to Odin,, and Datera.

Previously on the WHIR, guest blogger Graeme Caldwell explored the tension between using virtual machines and containers, particularly for web hosting.

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