OnRamp Adds HIPAA Hosting Services to Help Companies Achieve Compliance

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Web hosting and data center provider OnRamp announced on Friday it is addressing the recent surge in HIPAA compliance violations by adding hosting solutions that meet the privacy and security standards defined by HIPAA and HITECH laws.

Providing HIPAA compliant solutions brings along an opportunity for hosting companies to attract new business from healthcare organizations that are required to be HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare institutions have reportedly seen an increase in security breaches over the past couple years, with the majority of these attacks relating to the improper storage of electronic protected health information.

A study conducted last year by security certificate provider GlobalSign showed that over half of respondents devote more time to HIPAA compliance procedures, while 47 percent of respondents have experienced a patient-records data breach in the past two years.

Working with OnRamp, healthcare organizations can be reassured that their IT infrastructure which contains their sensitive data is protected.

The increase in security breaches, combined with the more stringent guidelines and audits implemented in late 2011 by the US Department of Health and Human Services takes on more financial and legal consequences for violators of this privacy agreement.

OnRamp has developed a “3-Step HIPAA Risk Management” process, rooted in its highly secure managed hosting, cloud computing and colocation services, to diagnose, assess and manage any threats, vulnerabilities and risks to the IT structure of covered entities.

The web host then works with the covered entities and business associates that come in contact with patient data to design and implement systems and applications to build a fully compliant solution that addresses the confidentiality, the availability and the integrity of e-PHI.

“When we look at what options exist for companies in getting help from data center partners,” said OnRamp founder Chad Kissinger, “we found that most folks in our industry aren’t actually doing all that much, OnRamp has spent considerable time creating an in-depth, flexible 3-Step HIPAA Risk Management Process to assist each customer in making appropriate decisions as to how to use OnRamp’s data center services to build a comprehensive HIPAA compliant solution. We are much more than just the siloed data center component of the plan for which you are ultimately responsible. We are your partner in ensuring that you’re HIPAA compliant.”

Other web hosting companies have offered their own HIPAA compliant support services. Intermedia recently launched a HIPAA compliance templates as part of its email encryption service, while Online Tech hosted a three-part series of free webinars on achieving HIPAA compliance.

In addition to maintaining the data storage industry SSAE16 SOC II certification, PCI and HIPAA compliance audits, OnRamp’s data center is designed to the highest levels of security, redundancy and reliability.

Talk Back: Are you currently offering HIPAA-compliant hosting services? Do you think that if you began offering HIPAA hosting services you would attract new business from healthcare customers? Let us know in the comments.

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