Symantec has rebranded its VeriSign seal to Norton Secured Seal

Online Security and Trust Firm Symantec Swaps VeriSign Checkmark for Norton Seal

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Security firm Symantec announced on Monday that it has combined the VeriSign checkmark with the Norton brand to launch the Norton Secured Seal.

According to the press release, it will be displayed more than a half a billion times per day in 170 countries on websites and in search results on enabled browsers.

In November 2011, Symantec said its VeriSign trust seals had been viewed by as many as 800 people a day in 2011, or up 60 percent from 2010.

High-profile security breaches that leaked credit card information ran rampant last year, and trust seals promoted by well-known security companies are one way to assure online shoppers that their information is secure. The checkmarks, or seals, usually appear at the bottom of the web page, and enabled browsers show a green bar or checkmark next to the URL in the search bar.

Combining the household name of Norton with its VeriSign checkmark will help Symantec leverage the Norton brand recognition, and compete with the Trustwave Trusted Commerce seal. Web hosts that resell Symantec security solutions may be able to leverage this brand recognition to sell to customers.

Symantec completed its acquisition of VeriSign’s identity and authentication business in August 2010, and says that since then, it has focused on expanding its authentication business and integrated website security and anti-malware technologies.

“Since acquiring the VeriSign Authentication business, Symantec extends the core foundation of SSL to offer the most comprehensive security portfolio in the market,” Fran Rosch, vice president, identity and authentication, Symantec said in a statement. “Our shift to delivering Website Security Solutions further strengthens the protection of data and information in transit. The Norton Secured Seal represents a major step in helping companies establish higher levels of website trust and confidence with their customers.”

According to the press release, the Norton Secured Seal is already familiar to consumers that use Norton Safe Web, a site ratings service that helps consumers differentiate between a safe and risky site.

Symantec says it began automatically updating all VeriSign seals with the Norton Secured Seal to websites starting April 17, 2012, and will continue for two weeks. Companies that self-host the seal will need to manually update.

Talk back: Are your e-commerce customers using checks or seals to show online shoppers that their site is secure? Do you think the brand recognition of Norton will be a positive asset to VeriSign secured seals? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. RealTime

    Not a good thing... We have seen a significant drop in conversion rate since the change to our Verisign seal 3 days ago, and have taken down the Norton seal. This is about the dumbest move I have ever seen a big company make. Their own research report said "over 90% of the people asked said they would go ahead with a purchase with the new seal versus the old Versign seal." That is an admitted _loss_ of nearly 10% in conversion. We saw more like a 15% loss.