OnApp Releases New WHMCS Module for Service Providers

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OnApp announced on Tuesday that it has released a new WHMCS integration for service providers to offer cloud servers with fixed monthly pricing plans or utility pricing, VPS, CDN, DNS services, and resell OnApp-managed infrastructure to other service providers.

OnApp worked to develop the integration over a five month period, with help from WHMCS and input from OnApp customers, including eApps Hosting.

“It’s been a great experience Beta-testing the new OnApp/WHMCS integration,” eApps president, Richard Lingsch said. “OnApp made a strong effort to engage with us to understand our needs, the way our customers expect us to deliver their hosting services, so they could be reflected in the integration. We’re excited about where the two platforms are going, and we expect to be one of the first providers to go live.”

OnApp customers can access the WHMCS module for free, and it plans to add its new bare metal server and smart server provisioning capabilities in a future release.

“WHMCS is an incredibly important billing and support platform for hosts, especially in the midmarket,” Carlos Rego, OnApp’s chief visionary officer said in a statement. “The development of the new module was heavily influenced by our customers, and the flexible WHMCS API let us deliver exactly what they needed. For WHMCS customers looking to step up to cloud hosting, or hosts looking for an end-to-end platform for everything from cloud provisioning to support, the combination of OnApp and WHMCS is hard to beat – and we hope to welcome many new clients this year.”

Last year, OnApp released v3.1 of its OnApp cloud platform for service provider to offer customers hybrid cloud services.

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