OnApp Launches Customizable Content Delivery Network CDN.net

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Cloud computing platform OnApp announced on Wednesday it has launched CDN.net, which it calls the first user customizable and usage-based content delivery network that provides a cost effective way for businesses to improve Web performance and reliability.

The move comes a few weeks after OnApp Cloud v3.0 was launched, offering support for VMware clouds, offers integrated SAN and a global CDN with new support for video on-demand and live streaming.

CDN.net provides a CDN that is charged on a utility basis, with no commitments and on-demand configurations, providing a welcome alternative to the lengthy contracts and fees that typically come with legacy CDNs.

Backed by a global federated compute network, CDN.net is launching with 30 premium points-of-presence providing global coverage to guarantee a nearly 100 percent SLA. The company will eventually add more than 150 locations in 40 countries worldwide.

CDN.net offers greater choice and transparency compared to other rival CDNs, catering to budget and quality demands on a completely pay-per-use basis.

“Today’s rich content demands plague online businesses with bounce-back, high latency and downtime that are harmful to their customer retention, marketing and SEO efforts,” said James Fletcher, marketing director at CDN.net. “That’s why CDNs are now essential for all Web property owners. However, buying CDN is generally an expensive, frustrating experience where customers pay for resources they don’t end up using, and get a pre-packaged service that doesn’t match their business. We’re taking a new approach to CDN, with a totally transparent service so customers pay for what they use, when they need it, with reliable performance and uptime. CDN.net is customizable on-the-fly to the needs of any business looking to deliver rich content quickly and affordably, wherever in the world their customers happen to be.”

CDN.net’s federated model offers a cost effective and reliable way to improve the Web experience for all users, regardless of where or how they are accessing content.

As a result, CDN.net users will see significant reductions in infrastructure costs, leading to improved ROI and more loyal customers,  says the company.

Earlier this year, OnApp closed a Series B round of funding, bringing total funding to more than $20 million.

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