OnApp Introduces DNS Service with Version 2.3.2 of Cloud Management Platform

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Cloud and CDN provider OnApp announced on Tuesday it has released OnApp Cloud 2.3.2, its cloud platform for service providers and enterprises, which includes free Anycast DNS service.

OnApp began offering early registration for OnApp Cloud to attendees of the Cloud Connect event in Santa Clara.

The DNS service provides a low-latency, resilient global DNS service that is fully managed and integrated with the OnApp Cloud platform, resulting in better application performance for end-users without the hassles and costs of managing a DNS infrastructure for the service provider.

The new DNS service is the latest feature introduced by OnApp to help service providers compete with Amazon Web Services, which offers Route 53, a DNS service that users must pay for.

OnApp clients can use OnApp’s Anycast DNS service for their own domains, and any domains they host for their customers, free of charge.

OnApp’s Anycast DNS service is hosted at 14 data centers around the world, and is available to all clients running the full version of OnApp Cloud with CDN enabled.

OnApp Cloud v2.3.2 adds more than 500 new features and enhancements, including flexible licensing options for Windows virtual machines, new backup server options that improve stability and performance, new search tools that simplify cloud administration and localization, and the ability to add custom user fields that can be processed by the OnApp API.

A full list of the new features included in this version can be viewed on the OnApp website, along with a short video showcasing some of these features.

OnApp software powers cloud, CDN and storage services for companies all over the world. Aside from OnApp Cloud, the company also provides OnApp CDN, a federated CDN platform for service providers, and OnApp Storage, a low-cost, high performance distributed SAN for cloud environments.

In a slew of announcements at last month’s World Hosting Days, OnApp released a free version of its platform for building infrastructure-as-a-service cloud hosting environments, as well as the new SAN tool for the OnApp Storage platform,

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