OnApp and Interxion Launch “Cloud in a Box” CloudPOD Product

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Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp, spoke about automation of data centers in his WHD.global 2014 presentation on Monday, where he compared many data centers of today to old fashioned bowling alleys where pins were set up by hand. He argues there is an opportunity for service providers to increase efficiency by automating processes that in the past have been executed as individual tasks.

With modern technology, service providers can automate such things as shifting the workload to new servers when a high demand is put on the equipment and virtually instead of physically shifting the location where data is hosted. According to Bredahl, OnApp is currently used in about 30 percent of public clouds and utilizes this type of technology as well as a marketplace service providers can use to purchase additional underutilized server space from data centers.


On Tuesday OnApp released news about its new CloudPOD product. In an interview with the WHIR, Bredahl explained the benefits of its new product. OnApp has partnered with Dell, Custom Connect, and Interxion to bring a range of services together in a way that allows for a quicker time to market for service providers. This “cloud in a box” type solution simplifies the process of finding the right hardware and software. Service providers can try CloudPOD for free.

Netherlands-based Interxion has 36 data centers in 11 countries. Jelle Frank van der Zwet, Segment Marketing Manager for Interxion, explained the market requirements that led the companies to form their custom CloudPOD solution.

“There is interest from web hosting companies in getting into the cloud. Additionally, companies face several challenges when trying to expand their cloud in to Europe. A common theme throughout our conversations with World Hosting Days attendees is the concern for security and the ability to host data in a given country,” van der Zwet said.

“What we see in the market is there is a lot of interest in moving to different type of data centers for several reasons. One is the ability to grow and to scale not only in square meters but also in power usage. The power usage per rack has almost doubled. So for a lot of these web hosting companies that are now moving into cloud they want to get more out of the same square meters but they’re not able to do that in their current data center.”

Another reason that spurred the CloudPOD service is that cloud relies on a better SLA (service level agreement) than web hosting. “A lot of web hosting providers are currently in in data centers that only offer 99.9 percent SLA but they want to be able to offer a cloud service with 99.999 percent SLA.”

OnApp and Interxion created CloudPOD to address some of the challenges businesses face entering the cloud market, particularly in Europe. The combination of services provides businesses with a standardized solution that reduces time to market.

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