NSFOCUS Partners with Black Lotus on DDoS ‘Scrubbing Centers’

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Distributed denial-of-service detection and mitigation company NSFOCUS and Black Lotus have partnered to deploy “scrubbing centers” that will provide 1,000 Gbps of DDoS mitigation capacity to its Anti-DDoS System (or ADS) customers.

DDoS uses a distributed network of slave systems to flood applications with requests, preventing the use or delivery of a particular resource to its intended audience or customer. A way of mitigating these requests is by funneling network traffic through high-capacity networks with “traffic scrubbing” filters that block attacks and allow legitimate traffic to pass through.

Designed as an additional safety net to NSFOCUS ADS, the first scrubbing center will be based at Black Lotus’ Ashburn, Va., facility, where NSFOCUS will deploy several hundred Gigabits of capacity.

ADS is currently directed at small and medium-sized businesses, but NSFOCUS said this will allow ADS to now serve the DDoS mitigation requirements of very large enterprises.

According to research recently released by Arbor Networks, DDoS attacks have been growing enormously over the past year. The average DDoS occurrence in 2013 is now 2.64Gb/sec, a 78 percent increase from 2012. The number of attacks monitored at over 20Gb/sec so far already growing by more than 350 percent over last year’s total numbers.

Frank Ip, VP of NSFOCUS US operations, said this poses a significant risk to enterprises. “DDoS attacks can cost significant losses in revenue, corporate reputation and customer trust, and they happen more often than we would like to see,” he stated. “The industry not only needs a level of protection to match the attack size, but also a way to seamlessly connect the end user, the service provider and the scrubbing center right at the moment when defensive measures become necessary. NSFOCUS now delivers three tiers of security that automatically kick in as needed when an attacker launches a DDoS assault, so our partners can ensure their customers are protected even against massive attacks.”

NSFOCUS’ anti-DDoS model now includes three tiers of service: its on-premise ADS2000 and ADS4000 series appliances to protect latency-sensitive end users from attacks; its ADS6020 and Managed Security Service offerings for service provider partners; and now its scrubbing centers designed to mitigate attacks more than three times bigger than the largest known attack to date.

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