Nominet Temporarily Forced to Ditch Plans for Shorter .UK Domains

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After receiving a lack of support from the Internet community, UK domain registry Nominet has been forced to rework its plans for a shorter .uk domain.

Nominet had previously planned to launch second-level domains, which would effectively let businesses register for the shorter .uk instead of the more established

The domain registry said it failed to win a majority support for its plans to introduce .uk after respondents to its consultation complained that they might have to compete for their .uk domain, even though they already own the equivalent.

“I believe that over time the .uk domain would rightly become the default domain for the UK and it would certainly be bad for my business if I were unable to secure the .uk registration for our current domain,” said one respondent to Nominet’s consultation.

Nominet said “many respondents felt that the release mechanism did not give enough weighting to existing registrants, and could lead to confusion if they could not obtain the corresponding domain”.

The domains were also criticized as being over priced, commanding a price tag of £20 per year, which is twice the price of the current £5 fee for a two year registration term.

However, respondents voiced their support for the improved security features, but pointed out that this improved security ought to be implemented across the entire UK namespace instead of just the new .uk domain.

Nominet will now go back to the drawing board and come up with a revised proposal that gives companies with existing domains priority over others, as well as offering “appropriate” pricing and revised security measures.

In 2011, UK Metopolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit worked began working with domain registrars like Nominet to identify the criminals behind fake e-tailer websites in an effort to seize and shut them down.

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