Nominet Pilot Program Hopes to Help SMBs Combat Cyber Threats with Support, Advice

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Nominet is running a three-month pilot of a cybersecurity support and advice service for SMBs called Nominet Cyber Assist.

According to Nominet, the pilot will run over the summer and involve 1,000 businesses across different sectors. The motivation behind the program is to find out whether an advice service could help small businesses in the UK detect and mitigate cybersecurity issues.

Research conducted last year by Nominet shows that 40 percent of cybersecurity incidents take SMBs an entire day or longer to solve. Understandably, this has ended up costing one in five SMBs a lot of money.

Because small businesses typically don’t have an IT person on staff, when it comes to solving cybersecurity issues, many business owners are unsure who to turn to, and in 45 percent of cases, either roll up their sleeves to solve the issue themselves or enlist the help of a friend or non-technical member of staff.

By launching this pilot, Nominet wants to understand if there is a better way to address these cybersecurity issues with small businesses other than with IT support or “vendor-based support from anti-virus or other security providers…often restricted to certain products or areas.”

““The bedrock of a secure business is taking sensible precautions,” Nominet’s Chief Technology Officer Simon McCalla said. “But small businesses’ main focus is being great at what they do, so we understand that they can be very stretched when it comes to dedicating time to cyber security.”

The program will offer SMBs free access to advice on protecting their business, as well as help identifying problems and support to troubleshoot problems. The program’s website will have information, guides and FAQs for cybersecurity problems. Nominet will also offer telephone and email support.

While there are various resources available online for small businesses, having all of the information in one place could be beneficial, especially having the option to get one-on-one support with an issue.

Nominet developed the pilot with a number of partners including the Cabinet Office and the National Cyber Security Programme.

Last week, Nominet announced that shorter .UK domains will be available starting on June 10, 2014.

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