nginx Regains Web Server Market Share in December Netcraft Survey

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Nginx has regained some of its market share in the December 2013 web server survey, the results of which were released by Netcraft on Friday.

Nginx had a net gain of 3M sites over the past two months, gaining 16M sites this month after a 13M loss last month.

The December survey received responses from 861,023,217 sites, up from 75.5M in November. For the third month in a row, Microsoft saw the largest growth in web server market share, with an additional 51M sites.

For active sites, Apache saw the largest increase of 622K sites, while Microsoft experienced a growth of 478K active sites. Google lost 8.6M active sites within its App Engine service.

Azure’s new price reductions and enterprise plan could help drive web server market share, Netcraft said, as well as its Brazil expansion plans. Microsoft IIS is used by 87 percent of Azure sites.

At Amazon, 36 percent of sites run on nginx, 27 percent on Apache, and 14 percent on Microsoft IIS.

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