Nginx to be Included in Upcoming Ubuntu Release

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Web server Nginx, one of the most popular after Microsoft IIS and Apache, has been given a boost by a resolution by Ubuntu expected to give Nginx and Apache equal support in the next release of the its server platform.

A report requesting Nginx’s inclusion in Ubuntu has been filed for the Ubuntu 14.04 release scheduled for April 2014, which would place it in Ubuntu’s Long Term Support edition that includes updates for new hardware, security patches, updates and support for five years. Although it is technically not in the main repository yet, sources expect it to be fully approved in time for 14.04.

According to a blog post from Ubuntu Community Team member Jorge Castro, those using Nginx in their server stacks will be very pleased. “[I]ncreasing our support of Nginx has been something many Ubuntu Server users have been telling me they’d like to see and it’s good to see us make some progress in this area,” he wrote.

This has been part of an effort to increase the profile of Nginx within Ubuntu led by Thomas Ward.

Although Nginx won’t replace Apache as the default web-server, this development is expected to give hosts more choice when it comes to their web server software. Furthermore, Ubuntu’s Juju automation software has features to help users dynamically swap between Apache and Nginx.

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