ScaleXtreme allows IT administrators to control cloud budgets based on user, or role

New ScaleXtreme Tools Combine Cloud Cost Monitoring with Server Launch Control

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Server and cloud management solutions provider ScaleXtreme announced on Tuesday that it has released a new set of tools for end-users to gain visibility into cloud costs.

The new toolset allows IT professionals to gain insight into cloud provider costs, establish role-based budgets and prevent the launch of unauthorized cloud machines, according to the press release.

This news comes a few months after ScaleXtreme launched its Cloud Service Provider Program for service providers to offer customers ScaleXtreme cloud management tools. The program allows any web host building private or public cloud offerings with VMware vCloud, Citrix CloudStack or OpenStack platforms to give customers a free ScaleXtreme Xpress account to manage their servers.

ScaleXtreme says it is the only product on the market that ties together cost monitoring and budgeting to server launch control. It recently launched an iPhone app to give IT admins a view of their physical servers, virtual machines and public cloud instances on-the-go.

Web hosts with public or private clouds may find that because of the on-demand, pay-as-you-go billing model typical of cloud offerings, customers are looking for tools to help manage budgets, and keep tabs on the use of their resources. ScaleXtreme also has a lot of automation capabilities including the ability to automatically run scripts, patch servers, and launch systems across multiple clouds, which is essential for customers that want to manage their clouds easily.

Cloud customers can set budgets based on user, role or organization and set soft and hard budget limits to warn systems administrators of over spend or actively prevent individual users from launching new machines. This control is integrated into ScaleXtreme’s cloud server management console, and customers can chose between the default costs associated with their public cloud provider instances or set their own custom per-instance parameters.

“For the first time, customers can adopt public cloud computing without a nasty billing surprise waiting for them at the end of the month. ScaleXtreme gives customers clear guardrails to both see their spending and become comfortable budgeting for cloud computing,” Nand Mulchandani, co-founder and CEO of ScaleXtreme said in a statement. “Our products enable some groups within the company to self-serve their server needs from the public cloud while still staying within the budget boundaries that finance and management are comfortable with.”

Currently, ScaleXtreme works natively with Rackspace and other cloud services built on VMware vCloud Director, CloudStack and OpenStack. Support for Amazon EC2 is coming soon.

Basic cost visibility for a single cloud provider comes free with ScaleXtreme Xpress, but the additional features including instance launch prevention are available through the paid offering Xpert and Xtreme. Xpert starts at $5 per month, while Xtreme starts at $15 per month. The paid versions include support for multiple clouds, and allow unlimited users and roles.

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