New Information Revealed Around Amazon’s New C4 Cloud Instances

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It appears that information about Amazon Web Services’ upcoming “compute-optimized” C4 cloud instances was unintendedly revealed in an AWS RSS feed update.

According to VentureBeat, a blog post announcing the launch of C4 went out in an RSS feed but was quickly taken down.

This post showed a pricing structure and the volume of dedicated Elastic Block Storage (or EBS) throughput available for C4 instances, which had not yet been revealed publicly.

Instances range from the c4.large instance at 11.6 cents per hour on-demand with 500 Mbps dedicated EBS throughput to the c4.8xlarge instance at $1.848 per hour with 4 Gbps EBS throughput.


Originally announced in November with no concrete launch date or pricing structure, Amazon C4 is the company’s ultra-high performance EC2 instance type designed for compute-bound workloads. This could mean top-end website hosting, online gaming, simulation, risk analysis, and rendering. The new instances are based on the Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 processor specifically designed for EC2.

C4 instances will essentially offer for storage what Amazon has already provided for memory and storage with its memory and storage-optimized instances.

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