Compass Datacenters has launched its Truly Modular data center solution

New Company Compass Datacenters Launches Modular Data Center Solution

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Data center provider Compass Datacenters launched last month, and on Thursday released its Truly Modular data center solution to seize the market opportunity not addressed by wholesale data center providers.

Digital Realty co-founder Chris Crosby launched Compass in April to offer dedicated modular data centers for the 98 percent of the market not using wholesale data center services.

The Truly Modular data center offering comprises four “building blocks”, according to the press release. The CompassPod is the centerpiece of each Compass facility; the CompassStructure is the hardened shell that protects the CompassPods; the CompassPowerCenter provides the UPS, switchgear and mechanical equipment; CompassSupport module features space to meet the needs of operational staff and logistics.

Growing web hosting providers may look to modular data center configurations for the ability to add capacity as needed. On Thursday, web host SingleHop announced that it would expand its operations into a new, modular data center in Phoenix, Arizona, using a facility operated by IO.

What may be another feature that is appealing to web hosting providers is the Compass solution offers customers the ability to brand Compass data centers with their own logo and color scheme to integrate the facility into marketing and sales efforts. Customers also have the option to lease or purchase the facility and to operate it themselves or have Compass manage it.

“The bulk of the current product offerings available today primarily serve the needs of the provider—not the customer. They are geographically restricted to the top six markets, they require large building footprints, and they are inefficient in their design, operation and expandability. Our Truly Modular solutions put the customer first by providing them with their own Tier III certified, LEED Gold data center wherever they need it to be,” Chris Crosby, founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters said in a statement.

“Until now, companies outside the industry’s major markets that were seeking advanced data center facilities faced a decision with no attractive options: (1) locate their mission critical IT infrastructure far from their corporate operations and incur major migration and set-up costs; (2) build a costly custom facility with high capital requirements and significant financial risk; or (3) bolt together container solutions to create a makeshift, non-hardened solution on their property,” Crosby stated. “Those are equally poor choices, but we shatter that dilemma because with our solution we untether the geography and make the data center building the module.”

The Truly Modular data center is equipped with its Minimum Load, Maximum Performance architecture which delivers a PUE of 1.2 – 1.5 or lower at loads as low as 25 percent. According to Crosby, at lower loads the PUE is actually much higher because competing solutions are not designed for efficiciency at lower loads. Since Compass modules are energy efficient even at low loads, customers save money on operating costs.

Compass Datacenters says its facilities take 150 days from site planning to final delivery.

Talk back: Do you use a modular data center? Would the branding and option to purchase Compass Truly Modular data centers be selling points for your company? Let us know in a comment.

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