New Cloudyn SmartSizing Solution Balances Cost and Performance Across Multi-Cloud Environments

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As enterprises increasingly deliver services using a portfolio of cloud services, cloud monitoring and optimization provider Cloudyn has introduced a new management feature to its platform for optimizing multi-cloud deployments known as “SmartSizing”.

Announced this week, this new addition to the Cloudyn platform analyzes an organization’s cloud deployments then suggests ways to balance costs and performance.

Unlike other cost-optimization solutions, SmartSizing doesn’t just minimize cloud spending which can lead to performance issues. For instance, overloading instances could save money but it could negatively impact performance.

Smart OptimalSmartSizing also takes a holistic view across different instance families, so that it could suggest moving RAM-intensive workloads to a RAM optimized type of instance rather than having larger general-purpose instances.

Having insight into the context of how resources fit into the larger system also means that it can understand how slightly downsizing each instance in a cluster would impact performance compared to downsizing a single individual server.

“Until now, the standard practice for managing cloud deployments has been to right-size cloud resources focused around individual instances,” Cloudyn co-founder and CEO Sharon Wagner said in a statement. “These new platform enhancements underscore our commitment to help customers maximize performance, and agility while helping them align their operations for ‘responsible cloud growth’.”

Cloudyn’s cost-allocation platform provides a single interface to view and manage public and private cloud assets along with their associated costs. It also breaks down costs around particular business activities for accurate cost allocations and chargebacks. It utilizes usage data to recommend the optimal mix of private and public clouds, then continuously monitors deployments to identify performance inefficiencies and continually assess of scalability needs.

Cloudyn plans including SmartSizing are available as a 20-day free trial.

The need for more sophisticated solutions for cloud monitoring reflects how common it is for enterprises to have multiple clouds coexisting within their organization. According to RightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud Report, 82 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy as compared to 74 percent in 2014. Thirteen percent of enterprises expect to use multiple public clouds, and 14 percent are planning for multiple private clouds.

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