New AWS Tool Offers Free SSL Certificates

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Amazon Web Services is offering free SSL certificates with its new tool, AWS Certificate Manager, which also cuts down on the time and effort it takes to manage and provision the security certificates.

According to the cloud giant, the tool is designed to simplify and automate many of the manual tasks typically associated with managing SSL/TLS certificates. The certificates provided by ACM are verified by Amazon’s certificate authority, Amazon Trust Services.

As security has become a sexier topic among enterprise and end-users alike, so too have SSL certificates; however, like any security solution, they are not 100 percent perfect. For example, last year a vulnerability known as the FREAK attack allowed attackers to intercept HTTPS connections between clients and servers. Still, the low-cost and high-availability off SSL certificates make them a good starting point for online security.

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According to a blog post by AWS, ACM allows users to start using SSL in minutes, and the tool takes care of periodic renewals automatically.

ACM is available in the East Coast (Northern Virginia) region with more regions in the works. AWS said it plans to add support for other AWS services and other types of domain validation as well. Currently users of its Elastic Load Balancers and Amazon CloudFront services can access the free SSL certificates.

Recently, DreamHost launched integrated support for the Let’s Encrypt project for its managed hosting customers, offering free end-to-end HTTPS protection.

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