New App Enables Wix Customers to Integrate Etsy Shops into Websites

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Wix is now offering an app to allow SMBs to integrate their Etsy shop into their Wix website. While Wix users could previously connect the two with code or a widget, the app allows full integration and simplifies the process.

The app is available in the Wix App Market, and supports payment by credit card or PayPal.  Wix says that previously craft sellers have had to choose whether to direct their customers to their Wix-built website or Etsy page to make a purchase.

Full and automated integration should mean SMBs selling through both Wix and Etsy can manage their shops more efficiently, with cohesive branding.  Because of the specificity of Etsy’s craft marketplace, websites are more effective for some kinds of customer service interaction and community-building.

“There are so many ways to sell products online, each with its own set of advantages,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix co-founder and CEO in a statement. “Small business owners are often forced to choose between a marketplace such as Etsy or selling directly through a stand-alone online store – and we don’t want our users to have to choose. This new Etsy app combines strengths from both offerings and encompasses what Wix is all about: giving users powerful tools and the complete freedom to create and manage their online presence, just as they want.”

The app is free to install, and charges $0.20 for each listing uploaded to the online store.

Earlier this month Wix launched an integrated email newsletter tool to aid customers marketing efforts.

EIG began offering ecommerce from Ecwid for customers of HostGator and BlueHost a week ago.  Ecwid ecommerce became available through Wix just over a year ago.

Integrating websites with ecommerce platforms is seen as increasingly vital in a competitive ecommerce environment.

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