Netflix to Launch in France this Fall with 1Tbps CDN

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When Netflix launches in France this fall, it will do so with 1 Tbps of its own bandwidth. Netflix’s director of network architecture and strategy, David Temkin, tweeted the stat, along with a photo of the servers being installed.

Netflix’ capacity will be housed in the Telehouse Voltaire data center, which is also a POP for a number of French ISPs. The Open Connect CDN will run on Arista and Juniper machines, and according to Gigaom represents roughly the same capacity as an ISP serving 5 million customers would need. That gives it more than several French telecoms, including SFR and Numéricable.

Netflix runs on AWS servers, but has had conflicts with ISPs in the U.S. over bandwidth use prioritization. Those conflicts continue to rage with allegations of throttling and intentional bandwidth overloading despite payments from Netflix to ISPs.Techdirt reported in early 2013 that a similar peering dispute had broken out between France Telecom and YouTube backbone provider Cogent.

Providing its own large capacity CDN to facilitate the transfer of huge amounts of data from AWS servers to end-users through French ISPs may get Netflix around peering or net neutrality controversies, and every outage of the streaming service makes headlines. Netflix hopes the Telehouse POP will keep it out of the news as well as out of court without making unexpected extra payments to ISPs.

A May study indicated that Netflix content makes up 34 percent of internet traffic in the U.S. during peak periods.

Netflix made its AWS monitoring tool Security Monkey open source earlier this month.

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