Netcraft May web server survey sees first drop in responses in 22 months

Netcraft May Web Server Survey Sees First Drop in Responses in 22 Months

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Netcraft released the results of its May web server survey on Wednesday, and saw a decrease of 14 million hostnames compared to April, the first drop in responses that Netcraft has observed in two years.

According to Netcraft, the drop comes as a result of a loss of over 28 million hostnames under the .info tld, hosted by SoftLayer, on just 100 domains and 4 IP addresses. However, it still observed an increase of 1.2 million new domains.

While Apache lost 17.5 million hostnames this month, it is still serving two out of every three hostnames. In April’s survey, Apache gained 4.5 million hostnames.

nginx gained 894,000 hostnames and increased its share for the ninth consecutive month to 5.48 percent. According to the report, this is more than double the value it held a year ago.

There were 654 hostnames using Microsoft-IIS/8.0 in May, the default web server in Microsoft’s new Windows Server 2012, formerly Windows Server 8. In the April survey, Netcraft found 278 sites with the Windows Server 8 header, but many of the sites were running on Linux, which Netcraft says indicates proxy servers or forged server headers.

Netcraft has added tracking of web servers using SPDY, an experimental network protocol intended to decrease web page loading times. SPDY targets a 50 percent reduction in page load time. It found a total of 339 SSL certificates used with SPDY-enabled servers.

In order to operate, SPDY must be supported by the web server and the user’s browser, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the only major browsers to support SPDY. Apache, Jetty and Google’s server software are currently the only servers that support SPDY, but nginx support is scheduled for the end of May 2012.

Netcraft’s May survey saw responses from 662,959,946 sites.

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