Namecheap Launches Cloud Email Hosting with OX App Suite

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Domain registration and web hosting provider Namecheap announced on Thursday that it now offers OX App Suite from Open-Xchange, branding it as Cloud Email Hosting.

OX App Suite integrates email, documents, productivity, calendar and social media apps into a single platform, using HTML5 to offer a seamless experience across the desktop and mobile devices.

Available in three different packages, Namecheap Cloud Email Hosting starts at $9.88 per year depending on user requirements.

Germany-based Open-Xchange released an update for OX App Suite in September, which included improvements to its user interface and document viewing, the ability to attach and save files from mobile devices, and integration of LinkedIn user profiles and network activities.

“Our upgrade to a private cloud email system, powered by Open-Xchange, provides our customers with enhanced functionality. Namecheap customers can do more than simply manage their email; with the App Suite document editor, file sharing and collaboration tools they can manage all their data. And with our secure, private cloud infrastructure, small businesses benefit from enhanced privacy. This underlines our Namecheap philosophy to always putting our customers first,” Matt Russell, VP Hosted Services, Namecheap said.

As email users continue to question the privacy of their data hosted with Microsoft and Google, offering a private hosted email service that still includes document sharing and collaboration, file storage and calendar capability could help Namecheap improve its ARPU.

“Namecheap is a SaaS pioneer in the US hosting industry, continuously looking for best-of-breed solutions that provides their customers with additional value beyond domain registration and hosting,” Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange said. “In comparison to the Hotel California that the large internet giants provide – i.e. easy to check-in, but no way to check out – Namecheap provides their users with a trustworthy and open home for their digital life.”

Last year, Open-Xchange integrated OX App Suite into cPanel and WHMCS, a move to make it easier for service providers to manage billing and deployment for OX App Suite. For SaaS providers that want to target hosting providers, integrating with popular client management and billing portals is a critical step in this adoption.

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